Factors to Consider before hiring a roofing company

Factors to Consider before hiring a roofing company - Shield a roof repairers

Short sightedness and undermining the vitality of certain functions or objects by regarding it as frivolous or a “later to do kinda thing”, we unfortunately tend to commit these life mistakes more than we like to admit.

Fixing a roof, or even as you should be doing, getting some professional help to do it for you, is not people’s usual cup of tea. However, once you realize that having a roof that needs repairing, painting or full restoration, is a safety risk to you and your family, co-workers, etc.., along with the fact that it could jeopardize your property value as time passes without the problem getting fixed, you are going to address the issue.

Naturally, if you are not a professional, you will be looking for someone who is, and as mentioned above, that is not a fun task, whether it is for roof repairing, roof repairing or fully restoring your roof, there are several factors you should be considering, prior to hiring a roofing contractor or a company.



Whether your roof needs, especially if it’s a an emergency that represents a hazard, you need a roofing professional or a company that is in your respected vicinity, as it’s preferable to have someone who could reach your location as soon as the damage is done.


2. Word of mouth, but be cautious..

Listening to peers, family friends and co-workers about the past experiences they had with roof experts in the area, is a good way to get to know what is in the market, in order to be able to decide who to hire or not to repair your roof.

However, you have to cautious about the advice you are getting, particularly with the source of that advice, as it could be coming from someone who works in the company or a family member of the contractor providing the roofing services, which could mean that the client who is seeking objective advice and feedback isn’t getting them, due to conflict of interest.



Dealing with unlicensed service provider is risky on many levels. What if the chipped paint or the faded color that was repainted, turns out different to what you originally had or what you were aiming for? Let’s say that the “professional” that did the job stops picking up his phone the moment he leaves the site, how are you going to hold that party legally responsible for the faulty roof painting job, if he doesn’t have a license and isn’t registered in the system?

Long story short, always check for all the legal requirements entailed with being roofing specialist before you hire.



It is vital to hire a roofing professional that offers a long-term warranty through a renowned vendor. This step is important, as the damaged, color-faded, dented roof repainted, restored, repaired, or whatever type of renovation was done to it, it is usually a good idea to have a back-up plan, in case the roof was inadvertently damaged few years along the line.

Taking Care of your Roof

Taking Care of your Roof - Shield a Roof Repairers

When we think about our houses, the first thing that comes to mind is the comfortable and safe feeling we get when we're inside them, and when we think about the appearance of your houses, we think of the colourful walls, well-kept gardens and even your garage door.

All this is great, but none of it would be possible without your roof, and so many people are quick to forget just how important it is to our lives.

Your roof protects you from harsh weather such as rain and snow. It also helps keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. Roofs provide us with so much, and yet we take them for granted a lot of the time.


Here are just a few of the things you can do for your roof that will also have a positive impact on you.


1. Repaint

Once we paint our roofs we think that's all there is to it, but that couldn't be further from the truth since the original coat of paint can become faded and chipped over the years, so having your roof repainted will make your roof look brand new.

2. Restoration

Roofs aren't immortal and can start to show signs of wear and tear over the years, but restoring your roof can change all that and leave you with a roof, gutters and downpipes looking completely fresh and new.

3. Waterproofing

One thing that is essential for all roofs is waterproofing so no excess water can drip into your home, causing damage, so reapplying waterproofing is a great way to protect you and your home. This is something that you should never neglect to do.

4. General cleaning

So many things can become stuck on our roofs such as leaves, sticks, toys, animals and other bits of debris, having your roof cleaned will not only get rid of all that but will also get rid of any material that could cause potential damage your roof in the future.

5. Roof consultations

If you're thinking of having any work done on your roof, it's always best to get a consultation from a roofing expert before making any decisions. This could include a colour consultation if you're thinking of repainting.


Your roof is an essential part of your home, so it's vital to take good care of it and use the very best roofing experts to do the work, so if you're in the market for a roofing company, then you can't go past Seal a Roof.

Shield A Roof has over 30 years' experience working on and around roofs so we know what we're doing and we provide services such as cleaning, restorations, painting and so much more.

Signs your roof needs a repair

Roof repair and painting - Shield a roof repairers

Roofs are a vital part of your house. In fact, it is what protects your house from the elements of nature. It is no surprise that when people talk about the essentials of life, the phrase “roof over your head” is often used. This is because a roof is synonymous to having shelter. It protects you from the elements of nature, and literally frames the house. Any house without a roof would be unimaginable. but when it comes to roof repairs, people are often oblivious to the wear and tear it can go through. So, what could go wrong with your roofs? Here we look at a few things that could mean your roof might need a repair and restoration.

We are a highly experienced first-rate roof restoring company based in the Wollongong, Nowra and greater Illawarra region.  We have a wide array of services that will suit your time and resources. We have a solution to every need.  With more than ten years of experience, our team of skilled professionals will fulfil all your needs.


1. Leaks

Water leakage is a significant problem which needs to be addressed at the earliest because if left unattended, it can cause massive damage and can adversely impact your health as well as home. If even the slightest drizzle makes you roof leak, it is time to get it repaired, since even a slight dampness in you house can lead to mold, and various other problems associated with water damage. If rain is getting into your home or roof cavity, then just patching it won’t be enough. There may be a problem with your gutter that needs replacing. Contact us and we will examine the extent of damage to see the right solution to your leaky roofs.


2. Cracks

This can cause all types of damage, such as mold and mildew resulting in health hazards, damaged walls and ceilings, and damage to belongings. The Structural damage needs immediate restorative action.


3. Loose tiles and metal 

Loose tiles are common problems that are easily fixed but ignoring them can create a lot of structural damage to the roof and pose as huge risk to human lives. Corrosion, weathering, weakening fasteners anything can cause loose metal in your roof. Swift action is necessary before it causes further damage to  your own safety and your neighborhood As well as creating a possible hole which lets in water and other debris, it may also cause injury if it falls on anyone. Don’t ignore them. they can be easily fixed by our proficient team.


Why Us?

We are a highly competent team and thorough with our accuracy. We also offer a range of prices that suit you, strong work ethics and extensive experience. We strive to help you find the best roofing solutions.

We have a range of services such as:

  • Replacing and Re-bedding tiles.
  • Gutter repair or replacement.
  • Sealing minor holes or leaks around fittings or fixtures.
  • Roof and gutter cleaning.
  • Gutter guard and leaf guard repair or replacement

Restore your roofs with us and get outcomes that are far beyond your expectations. For all repairs, replacements or touch-ups, contact us at 0466 894 767.